My Love Story

My Love Story

Getting a relationship to last is such a difficult and demanding task. You need to nurture it and do so many things just to keep and nourish it. That happened to me personally with my relationship. We were together for 5 years. We meet when were in college she was enrolled in the college of arts and I am in the college of engineering. I saw here in the library, of all the places. She was reading on a table and I immediately noticed her and make my moves. I thought this girl is so cute and I want to know her number.

So, she gave her number to me. We got to know each other, we dated and eventually she said yes to me. We are so in love with each other. We are so sync that we can finish each other sentences. We do things together and we miss each other when we are apart.

One day out of nowhere my girlfriend asked me if what if we try relationship counseling. I was honestly surprised and baffled at the same time why she asked me the question. She said that she read an article online by michael meister, a professional counselor that if you want a relationship to last we should go to counseling even if we don’t have a problem with the relationship we currently have.

My girlfriend also found an article about mommy makeover tulsa. It was a site for that is all about mommy makeover procedures that are good in bringing back the old shape of mommies.

She further explained to me that we will benefit from this and will only make our relationship deeper and stronger. Upon hearing what she said to me I gladly and willingly obliged. And that week we enrolled ourselves on the counseling session.

I was surprised with what I learned. There are so many things that I thought enough but it wasn’t.  Through the exercises that our counselor told as to do. I have learned a lot about my partner and learned to trust and love her better. I appreciate the counseling and I thank my partner for introducing me to it. It made our relationship strong and lasting for years to come.

My Gamer Boyfriend’s PC Build

My Gamer Boyfriend’s PC Build

Todd and I are together for years now. We so much in common that we do most of the things together. We have many places visited together and had so many adventures together. My boyfriend has so many hobbies. A very sporty and a gentleman, that is how I adore him.

My guy is also a gamer. He plays most modern AAA games. He likes playing FPS games like PUBG and Fortnite. He is so addicted to it that sometimes he cannot be bothered while he is playing the game. He has an Xbox that he loves so much. He can play most of his game on his Xbox console, but he finds it limited. He wants to have a PC rig that is badass. He has some know how on PC custom building, so he was saving to build one. He will need the necessary components to build one, read more here.

He will need a case that is roomy and can accommodate your chosen motherboard. Of course, he needs a motherboard that is for gaming. Next a CPU, he can choose from i3, i5 or i7. I know these things cause remember we have the same hobby. He needs also two stick of 8gb of RAM, he should make sure that that the memory type should be compatible with his motherboard and he needs an SSD for storage. Lastly, he needs a graphics card.

Now choosing the right graphic card would be a little bit tricky. My boyfriend wants the latest one which cost a ton of money. But I told him that is better to find a graphics card that has enough power to play his favorite FPS games aka PUBG and Fortnite. I told him that it is better for him to check the requirements of the game so that he can compare it to the one that he will buy. I further added that he can check graphics cards comparison and him to navigate here to the post.