Vaping for Good Health

Vaping for Good Health

So, this is my vaping story, this how did I end up vaping. First, like any vaping beginner, I was a smoker. I am like a heavy smoker. I can consume about a pack of cigarettes per day. It is so severe that I could smoke literally everywhere and every minute. It is like I get week when I stop smoking. I may consider my self already addicted to it.

I was already worried the health issues I would get after all this smoking. I was searching for a healthier alternative for smoking. I need to do this not just for my health but also for my family.

So, I surfed the internet for answers and came across a site called vapefriend. It was a site about vaporizers it was a really cool site talking abut the latest update on vapes. It has comparisons and reviews on the latest vaporizers on the market.

This is the particular site that helped me transitioned from being a smoker to a vaper. It even has good deals on puffco peak vapes. I mentioned this because this was the very first vaporizer I bought.

I am so glad that I found vaping as a hobby. It helped me a lot especially on my health. It improved my condition because being a smoker, I have a cough always seems like a permanent cough. But now that I am vaping I have less of it. I also smell better now, not with smoking I smell like a cigarette butt.

Thanks to vaping that I can now be peaceful in terms of thinking on my family’s health. I do not have anymore the guilt feeling that I am slowly killing my family with the second hand smoke they inhale from my smoking habit.