I have lived and worked in NY-21 my entire life. I grew up on a dairy farm in Easton — a farm that is still being worked by my brother and his children. I took the bus to school in Greenwich with my brothers and sisters. I taught government and American history at that same school for nearly 25 years. And I raised my family here.

I understand the challenges that so many of us face on a day-to-day basis. Making ends meet. Putting food on the table. Educating our children. Caring for aging parents. Planning for retirement.

For the better part of the last decade, I have worked every day to help my neighbors solve those problems as Town Supervisor and as a member of the Washington County Board of Supervisors.

During my time in office, I have dedicated myself to always being available to my constituents. And not just during office hours. We talk to each other at Stewart’s, at the grocery store, at community events, and even at the library. They come to me because they know I will listen. To me that is the most valuable skill our representative can have. Listening and responding to constituents is what we need from our representatives in government.

While in office, I have worked to preserve and protect farmland, improve health and human services for residents, and expand and upgrade public space for all to enjoy. I have voted against the privatization of public facilities, championed economic development, and at every turn, emphasized the value of quality of life for all.

I am running for U.S. Congress because I have heard from voters throughout the region calling for a representative who places the interests of the district above partisan politics and political donors.

I am pledging to you to work in Congress with the same resolve I bring to local government. Like you do every day, I will roll up my sleeves and put in the same energy. I have long record of working with my Republican colleagues to serve our constituents. It’s time we had real bipartisanship in Washington.

As your Congresswoman, I will continue to fight for the resources we need to invest in our local economies, our infrastructure, our healthcare, and our education. I will never put the interests of anyone — powerful money or party politics — above you.

I will support policies and projects that improve our quality of life and preserve this wonderful place in which we live. I will work tirelessly to give you — the hard working people of our district — a strong voice, the support you need, and the respect you deserve from your representative.